Sunday, June 27, 2010

Starting a blog

OK, so I am jumping on the bandwagon perhaps way too late, but I've decided that I am going to start a blog. I don't know if I'll post daily, weekly, monthly, multiple times a day, or never, but I just feel like writing. There is so much going on here in Israel on a daily basis and I have very strong opinions on most subjects in the news that I feel it is time to make my feelings public. Yes, I already Facebook, tweet, etc, but this is something different. Here, I am not limited to 140 characters or to just friends, but to the entire Internet world. I hope these posts are enjoyable to read, informative, and somehow are able to make a difference in advancing what I think is in the best interests of the Jewish State of Israel. So here goes the ride.


  1. I go every so often up to the old tower near kfar aza ---i think it is where Kibbutz saad of 47 used to be. My son takes his 3 of 5 kids that were born in Gush katif to top of tel beeri sometimes and points out sand dunes over the horizen and says "there is our home ,someday we will go back home "(our Arab friends from dir el balach taught us the importance of doing that)

  2. Anita, on one hand very sad, but on the other, glad you are instilling hope!! G-d willing beyamenu!